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Standard:IS 2017-18 ‘ ES 2016-18 ‘ GS 2016-18 ‘ GS F 2017-18 ‘ LS 2018’ NX 2018 ‘ RX 2016-18 ‘ LX 2016-18 ‘ RC 2018 ‘ RC F 2018

Intelligent High Beam (5) is a safety system designed to help drivers see more of what’s ahead at nighttime without dazzling other drivers. When enabled, Intelligent High Beam(5) uses an in-vehicle camera to help detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles and taillights of preceding vehicles, then automatically switches between high and low beams as appropriate to provide the most light possible and enhance forward visibility. By using high beams more frequently, the system may allow earlier detection of a preceding pedestrian and obstacles.

As there is a limit to the degree of recognition accuracy and control performance that this system can provide, do not overly rely on this system. This system will not cycle headlights between low and high beams in every situation. In some situations, such as when driving in inclement weather
such as heavy rain, fog, snow or a sandstorm, or while driving on a curve and for a few seconds after driving on a curve, forward lights may not be detected by the camera sensor, preventing the system from operating or engaging properly.

Intelligent High Beam (5) is designed to function at speeds of approximately 25 MPH or higher. Minimum speed may vary by vehicle.

The following setting(s) can be adjusted:
• Intelligent High Beam: turn function ON or OFF.

Refer to a Lexus Owner’s Manual for additional information on Intelligent High Beam (5) operation, setting adjustments, limitations and precautions
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