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Standard: LX 2016-18

Lane Departure Alert (4) uses an in-vehicle camera designed to detect visible white and yellow lane markers in front of the vehicle and the vehicle’s position on the road. If the system determines
that the vehicle is starting to unintentionally deviate from its lane, the system alerts the driver with an audible and visual alert. When the alerts occur, the driver must check the surrounding road situation and carefully operate the steering wheel to move the vehicle back to the center part of
their lane.

As there is a limit to the degree of recognition accuracy and control performance that this system can provide, do not overly rely on this system. This system will not alert the driver of or help prevent unintentional lane departures in every situation. Do not use Lane Departure Alert instead of normal steering operations under any circumstances. In some situations, such as when driving in inclement weather such as heavy rain, fog, snow or a sandstorm or while driving on a curve and for a few seconds after driving on a curve, visible lane markers may not be detected by the camera sensor, preventing the system from operating or engaging properly.

Lane Departure Alert (4) is designed to function at speeds of approximately 32 MPH or higher on relatively straight roadways.

•The vehicle’s multi-information display indicates the system’s operating status (may vary by vehicle):

•The inside of the displayed lines will be empty if the system is not able to detect the lane markings or if the system operation is temporarily disabled
on one or both sides.

•The inside of the lines will be filled in (usually white) if the system is able to detect the lane markings.

•The inside of the lines will flash on the affected side (usually orange) when Lane Departure Alert (4) is operating – this is the visual alert.

The following setting can be adjusted (varies by vehicle):

• Lane Departure Alert audible and visual alert: turn function ON or OFF and adjust alert sensitivity.

NOTE: Operation of the Lane Departure Alert (4) system and setting adjustments continues in the same condition regardless of ignition cycle until changed by the driver or system is reset. Refer to a Lexus Owner’s Manual for additional information on Lane Departure Alert (4) operation, setting adjustments, limitations.
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